07/15/2014 08:55 EDT | Updated 09/14/2014 05:59 EDT

8 ways to get to sleep in the heat

More hot weather is in the forecast and for many people across British Columbia that means more sweaty, sleepless nights. 

According to CBC Meteorologist Johanna Wagstaffe,  Vancouver is about five to 10 degrees above seasonal averages and some parts of the province are even breaking records.

Jennifer Garden, an occupational therapist who helps people address their sleep issues, says many people are struggling to cool down enough to fall asleep.

"Your body temperature drops when you fall into sleep," said Garden. "But if the temperature is too warm, your body temperature doesn't drop and you actually spend more time in lighter phases of sleep. It's not as restful."

Tips for a cool night's sleep:

- Hang wet sheets throughout the house

- Put a shallow dish of ice water in front of a fan

- Relocate to a lower level in the house

- Mist yourself

- Put your sheets in the freezer before you go to bed

- Check to make sure you're sleeping in natural fabrics, not polyester.

- Put an ice pack in your bed

- If all else fails, consider investing in a portable air conditioning unit