07/18/2014 02:53 EDT | Updated 09/17/2014 05:59 EDT

Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus albums get you $1 ticket to ballpark

Got any old Justin Bieber albums or Miley Cyrus merchandise kicking around? On Saturday, for one night only, you can use it to get a $1 ticket to the ballpark in Charleston, S.C.

The Charleston RiverDogs, a minor league club in the South Atlantic League, is hosting "Disco Demolition 2: You better belieb it," a post-game blow-up of Bieber and Cyrus paraphernalia. 

It's billed as a sequel to the first Disco Demolition, which took place 35 years ago at Chicago's Comiskey Park. At that time, the White Sox invited their fans to burn their Disco records at the ballpark in a massive explosion of forward-looking rage.

Why? Because disco sucks, right?

OK, but what Bieber or Cyrus fan actually has CDs or records?

And what does Saturday's event in Charleston have to do with disco? Admittedly, nothing, other than it might be a good way to drum up publicity in the slowest week on the sporting calendar.

The RiverDogs are taking this event seriously.

"Like so many, we have taken special exception to Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus's music along with numerous run-ins with the law and her controversial performances," said RiverDogs GM Dave Echois in a release.

Team officials are going to put the music and merchandise in a giant box and "blow it to smithereens."  

Disco Demolition 2 is strategically scheduled for after the game since there is still the business of a ballgame to win. Charleston faces — wait, does it even matter who they're playing? Nobody cares about the game.

It's all about the "eradication of their dread musical disease," according to the RiverDogs press release.

Oh, I'm guessing the RiverDogs won't be asking this guy to throw out the first pitch any time in the near future.