07/23/2014 08:31 EDT | Updated 09/22/2014 05:59 EDT

Cat with head stuck in bird feeder worries Brandon group

A community group in Brandon, Man. is scrambling to find a cat that is roaming around the city with its head stuck inside a bird feeder.

The cat can only see with one eye and cannot eat or drink with its head wedged in the feeder, according to the group Brandon and Area Lost Animals.

The wayward feline was spotted on Wednesday on a fence near a property it frequently visits, but ran away when people tried to approach it, said Toni Gramiak, the group's co-ordinator.

While Gramiak said the cat is known as a "frequent roamer," her group is concerned for its well-being because it's looking skinny.

After searching the area with no success, Gramiak said members set up a dog trap "with a big opening in the front with tuna and sardines and cat food.

"We've got aroma in the trees, in the leaves. We're trying to lure the cat back to the yard," she told CBC News on Wednesday afternoon.

Gramiak said it's not known how long the cat has had the bird feeder on its head.

Anyone who sees the cat is asked to call the group at (204) 724-7033.