07/29/2014 06:41 EDT | Updated 09/28/2014 05:59 EDT

Montreal plans to standardize bike lane rules

The City of Montreal wants to standardize bike path rules across the city that right now vary from borough to borough. ​

The city councillor who heads the executive committee on transportation issues says the plan will make it clear what modes of transportation will be allowed on bike paths.

"We are in the process of seeing what we can do with this bylaw and how we can make a bylaw that fits with all boroughs in the city," said Aref Salem, councillor for Saint-Laurent.

Salem said that regular bicycles, inline skates and motorized wheelchairs will be allowed on bike paths under the new rules.

However, skateboards and some motorized scooters will not.

"If a person is right next to me pedalling a bike he can actually go way faster than me," said David Stewart, who drives a  motorized scooter and says he often uses the bike path. 

Cyclist Luc Dion says motorized wheelchairs can sometimes get in the way, but says he understands why they would be allowed. 

“It's a little bit dangerous but why not? It's more secure, I suppose, than the road,” said Dion

The city held public consultations in 2011 on the use of bike paths across the city.   

Salem said the bylaw will be put in place by the end of the year.