09/10/2014 03:50 EDT | Updated 11/10/2014 05:59 EST

Scotland independence: 4 video ads that framed the campaign

With the Scotland independence vote just days away, both camps will be spending the remaining time ramping up their respective campaigns, trying to convince the undecided to vote on Sept. 18 either yes or no. And like any political battle, the vote on independence has given birth to a number of slick video advertisements. Here are some of the more popular ones:

1. My Generation

​At first glance, this ad may look like it's firmly in the No camp. Using the backdrop of the Union Jack, the female narrator rhymes off reasons, that scroll up the screen, as to why Scotland should remain part of the United Kingdom. But then, suddenly, the messaging changes course. "It's foolish to presume that we need change. Or is it?" she says. From there, the scroll reverses and the narrator lays out the case for separation as the Union Jack morphs into the Scottish flag.

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2. The woman who made up her mind

This popular anti-independence ad, from the Best Together organization, has so far generated over 400,000 views. It features a woman, in her kitchen, sipping a coffee, talking about the upcoming vote. But it's also sparked complaints about sexism, of being patronizing, and it has unleashed a slew of parody responses.

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3. Our choice between two futures

Initially, this looks like it could be part of an anti-abortion campaign, with the ultrasound image of a fetus, its beating heart, all accompanied with the soft sounds of a violin.  "Hi, my name is Kirsty. I'm going to be born on the very same day as the referendum on independence for Scotland," says the narrator. The ad goes on to show Kirsty growing up, as the narrator wonders if she will live in what is portrayed as a bright colourful wonderful world of an independent Scotland or a bleak, music-less, black and white war-mongering society of continued union with the United Kingdom.

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4. We want the best of both worlds

In what looks like an appeal to the youth, this ad from the Better Together campaign features several nicely dressed smiley young people laughing in dramatic slow motion as they explain the importance of staying united. This video, with more than 400,000 views, has also spawned parodies.

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