09/10/2014 02:25 EDT | Updated 11/10/2014 05:59 EST

Tom Mulcair says the NDP is a 'government in waiting'

The federal New Democrats are ready to form a government, said NDP Leader Tom Mulcair in a speech to his caucus Wednesday morning.

Mulcair rallied his troops, who are gathered in Edmonton to talk strategy, ahead of what is expected to be a year of campaigning before the next federal election in October 2015.

The NDP leader will take questions from reporters at 3 p.m. ET. will carry the event live.

"Now Canadians are looking at the NDP as they never looked at us before — as a government in waiting," Mulcair said in a rousing speech to his troops.

"We've been showing Canadians that we are ready to take on Stephen Harper's Conservatives and they now know that this team has the leadership and the experience to form government tomorrow morning." 

New Democrats also tested a new campaign tag line which they unveiled in Edmonton today: "Change that's ready."

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