09/17/2014 08:20 EDT | Updated 06/16/2017 00:55 EDT

Truck full of beer, movie projector stolen in Oxford County

Police in Oxford County are keeping an eye out for anyone who seems to have an usually large amount of Mexican beer.

The beer was stolen along with the truck hauling it from a shipping yard in Norwich Township in the Woodstock area, sometime overnight between September 10 and 11.

The haul is worth $25,000 and includes 600 cases of Sol, 576 cases of Dos Equis Lager and 144 cases of Dos XX Amber Beer.

Meanwhile, in another part of Oxford county, thieves made off with a heavy drive-in movie projector in East Zoora-Tavistock township on September 10. 

The projector is made by Kitchener-based Christie Digital and weighs 500 pounds. It is worth about $72,000.