09/20/2014 07:08 EDT | Updated 06/16/2017 01:03 EDT

NFL’s “hell week” leaves pool owners in disarray

The week from “hell” didn’t just send the NFL into a dark hole the likes of which the league has never seen before, but it also put fantasy teams across North America into disarray.

Let’s start with Vikings running back Adrian Peterson.

Prior to the season he was a likely No. 1 or No. 2 overall pick in most formats. But after the Vikings finally came to their senses and deactivated him — likely for the season — while he deals with child abuse accusations, fantasy owners lost one of the best players, period. Losing an impact player of Peterson’s calibre is something you can’t replace — I don’t care how many hours you spend scouring the waiver wire.

As a side note, while picking No. 3, I completely lost track of Peterson. The first two picks were Peyton Manning and LeSean McCoy. Still, don't bother padding me on the back. Although my complete brain cramp saved me from a catastrophe, I drafted Jamaal Charles: more on him later.

The release and subsequent indefinite suspension of former Ravens running back Ray Rice wasn’t as devastating as the Peterson fiasco, but it still hurts. Rice was initially suspended for the first two weeks of the season. So fantasy owners drafted him as a No. 3 or No. 4 back, assuring them — they thought — great value for a former top-5 player.

Now the pick has turned out to be a bust for a running back likely done for the season.

Predictably, emotions ran high on twitter. 






It didn’t end with Peterson and Rice.

The NFL’s second week also saw a plethora of injuries to a number of star players:

- Washington QB Robert Griffin III: Dislocated ankle (Out at least 6-8 weeks)

- Chargers RB Ryan Matthews: Knee injury (Out at least 4-5 weeks)

- Miami RB Knowshon Moreno: Dislocated elbow (Out at least 3 weeks)

- Washington WR DeSean Jackson: Left shoulder sprain (Questionable for Week 3)

- 49ers TE Vernon Davis: Ankle injury (Questionable for Week 3)

- Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles: Sprained ankle (Questionable for Week 3)

- Jets WR Erik Decker: Hamstring injury (Questionable for Week 3)

- Bengals WR AJ Green: Turf toe (Probable for Week 3)

Here are tips on how to bounce back from "hell week" with some waiver-wire advice.