09/24/2014 01:08 EDT | Updated 11/24/2014 05:59 EST

Key lines from Doug Ford's 1st debate with John Tory, Olivia Chow

Doug Ford's first appearance in a Toronto mayoral debate lived up to its hype in terms of personal insults, terse exchanges and raised voices.

Ford entered the race after his brother, the incumbent Rob Ford, withdrew from his mayoral campaign after doctors found a tumour in his abdomen and diagnosed him with a rare type of cancer.

Upon hearing the elder Ford would join the race, front-runner John Tory labelled Doug Ford an "insult machine" and said he would potentially be a worse mayor than his brother.

That set the stage for a night of three candidates talking over each other — so much so that Olivia Chow complained the three were bad role models for any children watching.

Here are a few choice lines.

Ford on Tory:

“I’ll tell you something, John, you're a slick-talking politician. You and your elitist don't go in to [Toronto Community Housing]. You’re from a whole different world."

"...No mayor has ever been elected without first sitting on council. I know you're used to having everything handed to you on a silver platter.… It's always been handed to John Tory." 

"You know John, you have had a pretty easy ride, but the ride is going to get a little bumpier. You'd better do up your seatbelt here."

"Let me ask you one question, you think you know city hall, but you haven't been down there and you don't know city hall. What committee handles purchasing?...You don't know. And that's what I mean folks."

"Do you know how many standing committees there are?...You don't know because you don't have the experience. [Pulls out mobile phone] You can call the mayor and ask him how many."

Chow on Tory:

"You know what is not helpful in this election? Scaremongering. You will say anything to get elected."

Tory on Ford:

"I will not call my colleagues on city council monkeys, as Mr. Ford does."

"The question is, Doug Ford, will you?" — Tory badgering Ford on his willingness to march in the Pride Parade.

"I'm sure those $20 bills you were handing out smoothed the way." — Tory on Coun. Ford handing out $20 at a TCH building.