Apartments For Rent In The U.S.: What $1,000 Will (And Won't) Get You

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Everyone knows New York City as the "Big Apple" but if you've tried renting in NYC, you might know it better as the "Little Apartment."

Though "apartment" might even be too generous of a term, since $1,000 in rent money nets you an average of 218 square feet of living space in New York. To put that in perspective, the average size of a double mattress comes to around 27 square feet, meaning you've already lost over a tenth of your living space to your bed.

But life in New York isn't your cup of over-priced, free trade, soy-milk latte, consider the rental market in Athens, Ga, where the same $1,000 nets you seven times as much living space. To see how other popular U.S. rental markets fare, check out the video above.

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