10/30/2014 03:00 EDT | Updated 12/30/2014 05:59 EST

Is this Toronto's top pumpkin?

CBC Toronto has located what we think is an early favourite to win the informal crown of Toronto's top pumpkin. But before we declare this contest complete, we want to see yours.

This eye-catching Jack-O-Lantern called to us from on a porch along Roncesvalles Avenue. We see it as a near masterpiece sure to put any triangle-eyed, crescent-mouth creation to shame.

This pumpkin's features include:

- A massive curved tongue that extends from a gaping mouth and appears to be sculpted from pumpkin flesh.

- A popped-out eye that hangs from an optic nerve and is convincingly modelled from the pumpkin's stringy innards.

- Pumpkin skin peeled back to expose a brain with richly detailed folds, also carved from pumpkin flesh.

- An extended, over-size hand that appears to reach for the sky.

And while we think this pumpkin will be hard to top, we'd like to see any you think are better. Flag them to us on our twitter account @CBCToronto, CBC's Facebook page or send them to us here.

We'll publish images of the best ones inside this story and may show them on our supper hour news show CBC News Toronto.