10/30/2014 08:37 EDT | Updated 12/30/2014 05:59 EST

Offensive Halloween costumes won't get passing grade at McGill

McGill University is taking a proactive approach to making sure its students don’t offend anyone with their Halloween costumes.

Thursday, the Students’ Society of McGill University is holding its big 4Floors Halloween party — and organizers are vowing to turn anyone away with a costume it deems offensive.

CBC Daybreak reporter Shari Okeke spoke with student leaders Nicholas Szczerbickyj, David Chaim and Claire Stewart-Kanigan about their firm approach to weeding out controversial costumes.

They explained that people working the door at the party will have a colour-coding system to approve — or reject — costumes. Green gets in, red gets turned away and yellow means they’re having trouble deciding, or that the person in costume doesn’t realize their get-up may be offensive.

That’s where it gets complicated. If student union vice-president Chaim and two other chairpeople can’t decide, they will consult two equity commissioners, meaning five opinions will come into play.

Listen to Shari Okeke’s story for more on the McGill students’ approach to Halloween.