11/01/2014 03:37 EDT | Updated 01/01/2015 05:59 EST

Police reveal video of Keele Street shooting

Toronto police have revealed surveillance video of the Thursday night shooting that left a 26-year-old man dead. 

Jamal Roache was gunned down at about 11:30 p.m. that night while walking alone through a strip mall at 3306 Keele St., near Sheppard Avenue West. 

Surveillance video shows what police say is a dark blue or black Honda Civic following Roache before the suspect exits the passenger-side door, runs up, and shoots him several times. The suspect then hurries back to the car, which speeds away. 

Video from a different and much closer point of view shows Roache on the ground — wounded and trying to get away — as the suspect shoots. He died on the scene. 

The suspect was wearing a black and grey hoodie, dark shoes with white soles, and a tuque. Police believe the killing was targeted. 

"My hope is people who see this, who know who this suspect is, will give us a call and some help in solving this," said Det. Sgt. Steven Ryan of the Toronto police during a Saturday news conference. 

"Nobody deserves to die like that," Ryan said. 

Ryan said Roache was shot between six and eight times, possibly with an automatic weapon. 

Roache is survived by his mother, who is "heartbroken," Ryan said.