11/02/2014 10:49 EST | Updated 01/02/2015 05:59 EST

Jeff Gordon comes out swinging in huge NASCAR brawl

Brad Keselowski and Jeff Gordon began what is sure to be an epic feud at NASCAR’s AAA Texas BattleWar 500 Pay-Per-View on Sunday, culminating in an epic 40-or-more-man brawl in the main event at the end of the race. 

Click the top photo to watch video of the melee. 

Gordon was more than a bit upset at an incident involving himself and Keselowski, both contenders for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Heavyweight Championship of the World, during the race. Keselowski responded with some heated words of his own. Neither Gordon nor Keselowski could be clearly heard because they were not holding microphones at the time. 

Fellow racer (and current NASCAR Intercontinental Champion) Kevin Harvick helped incite the melee by entering pit ring and running some interference on Keselowski. 

This was all that was needed to begin the (royal?) rumble. Gordon, Keselowski, and their teams started throwing punches, kicks, and suplexes, leaving both drivers with fat lips. 

In his promo sting after the brawl, Gordon did not divulge whether the pair will meet at next year’s NASCAR SummerSlam. He did, however, comment on his current thoughts about Keselowski. They are not kind. 

WARNING: Salty language below.