Châteauguay cops can wear cowboy costumes, labour board rules

12/04/2014 02:12 EST | Updated 02/03/2015 05:59 EST
Quebec's labour relations board has ruled that police officers in Châteauguay, Que., can continue to protest against pension reform by wearing old-west sheriff costumes.

Police officers in the municipality — located on Montreal’s South Shore — donned sheriff uniforms on Nov. 14, complete with cowboy boots, dark cowboy hats pinned with a sheriff’s badge, and lapel badges shaped like stars.

They wore the costumes as a sign of protest against Bill 3, the municipal pension reform bill that was passed into law today.

The Châteauguay Police Brotherhood union spent $25,000 on the cowboy-themed uniforms.

The city quickly complained to the labour relations board that the outfits were dangerous and would lead to confusion for citizens.

In a decision rendered the same day Bill 3 was adopted by the province, the board said the city presented no evidence to support its position and that officers may continue to dress like cowboys.