12/18/2014 05:55 EST | Updated 02/17/2015 05:59 EST

6 wild animals in unexpected places ... and one very short cat

This year's weird wildlife encounters include a bear on a golf green, a fox on a bus and some turtles where no turtle should ever be found.

Take a look at some of the notable animal stories and odd encounters between animals and humans that took place in 2014.

Baby bear goofs around on green

In B.C., golfers got a surprise when they spotted a baby bear meandering around the green and even spinning the pin.

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(The B.C. bear wasn't the only one hanging out in an unexpected place — check out this gallery of a bear napping on a power pole north of Saskatoon.)

Fox on a bus?

In Ottawa, a local transit worker snapped a pic of a fox grabbing a nap on a city bus. OC Transpo said in a tweet that the #busfox left on its own after it woke up.

Need a pond? Bring on the beavers 

A beaver in a pond is hardly unexpected, but sometimes Canada's iconic creatures arrive by an unexpected route. 

An Alberta family brought in beavers this year to help out with building a pond, a task the homeowner tried and failed to do on his own for years. His man-made efforts weren't holding water, so he brought in a family of six beavers with the help of a trapper.

The beavers, who were given pre-cut logs, got right to work and the results were "fantastic," the homeowner said.

Trouble for turtles 

A Windsor, Ont., man found himself in hot water with wildlife officials this year after he was found with 51 turtles strapped to his body as he tried to cross the border. 

Wildlife agents in the U.S. watched the man pick up a package labelled “live fish keep cool” and then slip between a pair of UPS trucks, emerging with what was described as “irregularly shaped bulges” in his pants. He is facing charges in Canada and the U.S.

Grizzly bear checks out the view

B.C.'s Jim Lawrence sent this great shot of a grizzly bear checking out his camera equipment near Revelstoke. 

- LISTEN | Jim Lawrence tells Stephen Quinn, host of CBC Radio One's On the Coast, about the once-in-a-lifetime shot

Fox has fun, dog doesn't dig it

A fox popped up in a Whitehorse yard and passed some time playing with a ball. Fun for the fox, but not so much for the hound stuck inside the house.

World's shortest cat ... for a few short months

In March, CBC News did a story about a Kitchener, Ont., woman whose cat Cye was certified by Guinness World Records as the "shortest living domestic cat" in the world. 

Cye, at 13.6 centimetres tall, no longer holds the record. The title for the shortest cat is now held by Lilieput, a nine-year-old cat from California who is just 13.34 centimetres tall.