John Tory reveals which sports team he'd like to see win most

12/24/2014 05:00 EST | Updated 02/22/2015 05:59 EST
If pressed, Mayor John Tory will say that the Raptors appear the most likely of Toronto's sports teams to win a championship in the near future.

But if he could choose, he'd be hoping for the Leafs to take home a Stanley Cup.

"This is the hockey capital of the world," Tory said during a recent year-end interview with the CBC's Jamie Strashin.

"The Leafs are in almost everybody’s mind, whereas the Raptors have their growing niche following, the Blue Jays have a, sort-of solid following. But everybody is sort of a Leafs fan, except those who are irrational enough to be a Bruins or a Canadiens fan."

A Leafs win is "the one that would just drive the place nuts, in a positive way," Tory said.

Tory said he's hoping to see the Leafs win the Stanley Cup again in his lifetime.

"I've got, I hope 25 years left to live, so I'm optimistic it's going to happen. Hopefully before that," he said.