12/31/2014 09:57 EST | Updated 03/02/2015 05:59 EST

Mystery money found in Georgian Bluffs cemetery on Christmas

Police are trying to find the owner of money found strewn about a cemetery in Georgian Bluffs township in southwestern Ontario on Christmas Day.

The cash was discovered blowing in through the graveyard by an area resident who was visiting the cemetery, police said. 

"The finder collected the cash and brought it into the detachment in Chatsworth, Ont., for safe keeping with the hope that we can locate the lawful owner of the money," said Grey County OPP Const. Alena Grelik.

But if no one comes forward, it's finders keepers, Grelik said. 

"Typically when property is found, recovered and turned over to police, there's a claim form that is signed 
and after a certain time period if that property is not claimed then it can go to the finder."

Although police aren't disclosing the amount of cash involved, investigators said it is significant.

The owner of the money can claim it at the Chatsworth OPP detachment with proof of ownership, including specific details on the amount found.