01/02/2015 03:21 EST | Updated 03/04/2015 05:59 EST

Mon RésoVélo app helps winter cyclists find snow-cleared paths

The City of Montreal has a new project to help cyclists keep riding right through the winter. The Mon RésoVélo smartphone app tracks which bike paths are cleared of snow.

The different Montreal boroughs decide which bike paths to clear, then add them to a map.

“We know there are some places that the paths are used more than others,” said Aref Salem, the City of Montreal Executive Committee member responsible for transportation.

Accident awareness 

This past year there were several accidents involving cyclists, and Salem says cyclists have to use their judgment about safety, especially when roads are covered with snow and ice.

“Pedestrians and cyclists... should take care more than a regular day — and the trucks and cars too. Because when we're sharing the road we have to protect the most vulnerable,” he said.

Some cyclists say drivers should pay even more attention to bikes in the middle of winter.

“When it's snowing cars don't really see you, so you have to be more careful,” said Andre Michelet, a cyclists on the Rachel Street bike path.

Claude Richer is both a driver and a cyclist in Montreal.

He believes it is the city's responsibility to make sure drivers know paths are open so they can look out for cyclists.

“Sometimes we don't know: Is there a bike path there? Am I allowed to drive there?” said Richer.

The app can be downloaded for free on the City of Montreal's website.