01/05/2015 05:57 EST | Updated 03/07/2015 05:59 EST

Vancouver developer offers houses for free

Two century-old homes in Vancouver's downtown core are up for grabs for anyone who simply wants to move them from their current spots. 

The houses, built in 1904, aren't in the best shape but local heritage enthusiast Michael Kluckner says they are some of the last single-family homes in the downtown core. 

"Maybe there are half a dozen of them left in this part of Vancouver," said Kluckner. 

The block where the houses sit at Hornby and Davie Streets is slated for a major residential and commercial redevelopment project but the houses aren't on the city's heritage registry so they don't need to be saved.

Developer Jon Stovell, of Reliance Properties, is offering them for free to anyone who will take them away. 

"We have had a number of inquiries in the last week or two from people elsewhere in the province and around town and even from Winnipeg," said Stovell. 

If the houses aren't moved they will eventually be torn down. 

"These two really are relics...They've survived along to the point that the expansion of big downtown Vancouver has really caught up with them," said Kluckner. 

The houses are located at 1243 and 1251 Hornby St.