Prentice Dismisses Opposition Complaints That Spring Vote Would Be Unfair

01/28/2015 07:38 EST | Updated 03/30/2015 05:59 EDT
Mark Blevis/Flickr
EDMONTON - Alberta Premier Jim Prentice is showing very little sympathy for opponents who say it's unfair for him to call a snap election.

Prentice says he is working on a game-changing financial plan to pull the province out of the ditch of low oil prices, and says it's up to everyone in the legislature to get on board.

Prentice hasn't confirmed there will a spring election, but has said his plan to revamp Alberta's economy will need a mandate from the people.

Alberta by law doesn't have to hold an election until the spring of 2016, but there are provisions to allow it to be called sooner.

All political parties are now scrambling to nominate candidates, and the Liberals and Wildrose parties don't even have permanent leaders in place.

Opposition politicians say Prentice is playing politics and that there is no need to go to the polls early.

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