Valentine's Day Card Ideas: 30 Funny Cards Your Partner Will Love

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30 perfect V-Day cards for you dirty, funny and romantic souls | Etsy

The art of nailing Valentine's Day gifts is really going for something original and homemade. And if you don't happen to have any artistic skills, at least the shops of Etsy can do the handiwork for you.

You could get a V-Day card this year with pictures of hearts, flowers and generic message like, "I love you so much." Or you could go above and beyond and find a unique, quirky and pretty hilarious card that will put a smile on anyone's face.

From the dirty (yes, there will be references to body parts) to the punny to the cards that are too cute to handle, we've rounded up some of our favourite alternative Valentine's Day cards online.

Here are 30 of our favourite handmade V-Day cards with a good kick of humour. Watch out though — because they're all handmade, some of these can be a little pricey. So in that case, you can always use these cards to inspire your own.

30 Perfect Valentine's Day Card
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