02/10/2015 04:56 EST | Updated 04/12/2015 05:59 EDT

Tim Hortons homeless man soaking investigated by Vancouver Police

Vancouver Police have talked to Grant Faithful, one of the homeless men whose belongings were soaked by a worker from the Tim Hortons on Robson Street Friday, and want more information on what happened.

Faithful is not requesting help from police or an investigation at this time, but numerous people have called the department about the incident, said Sgt. Randy Fincham.

"We are looking for potential video and we are looking for potential witnesses to come forward to determine exactly what happened, in case this man changes his mind," said Fincham.

Tim Hortons apologized Sunday for what happened, after a witness started a Twitter and Facebook campaign calling for a boycott of the franchise.

Call police if there's a conflict: VPD

Fincham said police regularly respond to calls resulting from conflict between business owners and people who are homeless.

"We'd be more than happy to respond to their call, and have a conversation," said Fincham.

The vast majority of the time police don't issue bylaw tickets, though bylaws do exist to prevent people from blocking sidewalks or doorways, said Fincham.

"We will try to deal with the person and come up with an agreement or understanding between themselves and a business owner, so they all get along."

Conversations are more effective than issuing a ticket that someone might not have the money to pay, said Fincham.

"We do recognize that it's not always easy to find a dry, warm place to sleep at night if you're out on the street," he said.

Vancouver police can be reached on their non-emergency line at  (604) 717-3321. For more details check their website: