02/12/2015 06:02 EST | Updated 04/14/2015 05:59 EDT

Restaurant Day returns to Montreal on Sunday

Andrew Wong and Adrienne Kahan will be serving beet polenta and flavoured popcorn in the alleyway behind their Plateau apartment Sunday.

Theirs is one of 25 pop-up restaurants participating in the one year anniversary of Montreal's first Restaurant Day — a event that encourages amateur chefs to open their homes, backyards and alleyways to serve food across the city.

Restaurant Day began in Finland.

Frédérik-Toran Nissen is the creative force behind bringing it to Montreal.

"It becomes almost euphoric because the food is so great and the people are in such a good mood," he says.

Technically, the pop-up restaurants are not licensed and haven't been inspected for food safety standards. 

Still Kahan says people shouldn't worry.

"It's something we would eat," she says. "We're careful about what we eat and how we prepare it."

The provincial body in charge of food safety says since customers are paying for the food, pop-up restaurateurs must get a $33 dollar special event permit and comply with several safety guidelines or risk a fine.