02/17/2015 09:23 EST | Updated 04/19/2015 05:59 EDT

Are Asian families in southwest Vancouver being targeted for break-ins?

Vancouver police are investigating a rash of break-ins that appear to be targeting Asian families living in homes in the southwest area of the city.

During a one-month period that began January 17 and ended Tuesday, police said the homes of more than 17 Asian families were targeted in break-ins.

Police say the thieves are getting away with large amounts of money, jewelry and designer handbags. None of the homes ransacked had residents currently living in them.

In most cases, police say the thieves either smashed a window or pried open the back door to gain entry.

The VPD's property crime unit is investigating and trying to identify suspects, but so far, police have made no arrests. 

Police are asking anyone who notices anything suspicious to write down vehicle descriptions and licence plate numbers and to call 911.

The VPD has set up apage on its website about home security tips hoping homeowners will take precautions to avoid being targeted.