02/19/2015 09:46 EST | Updated 04/21/2015 05:59 EDT

Strip-searched student's family considers suing school

A Quebec City-area mother says she is considering suing a local school board after her 15-year-old daughter was strip searched at school.

The girl was strip searched by her female high school principal and another female staff member at Neufchâtel High School after the teenager was suspected of selling drugs.

The girl was asked to remove all her clothing, including her underwear. No drugs were found.

The De la Capitale School Board defended the practice, saying it followed strict guidelines drafted in 2010 by the province with the help of police.

Meanwhile, the girl’s mother said the family has been traumatized by the incident and has hired a lawyer.

The mother said she was particularly upset about not being called before — or after — her daughter was strip searched.

She said her daughter’s requests to call home were twice denied.

Independent investigation to come, Bolduc says

Lorraine Normand-Charbonneau, president of the province’s largest group of school directors (Fédération québécoise des directeurs et directrices d’établissement d’enseignement), said school administrators have the right to demand a strip search when a student is suspected of carrying drugs.

Quebec Education Minister Yves Bolduc initially defended the school and existing policy around strip searching students.

After taking heat from the public, however, he altered his stance on the topic, and said he was concerned by the turn of events.

​Bolduc said Wednesday the government has asked an independent person from outside the school board to look into what happened.