Yukon government regrets mistakenly releasing fracking documents to media

03/09/2015 12:16 EDT | Updated 05/09/2015 05:59 EDT
The Yukon government says it regrets accidentally emailing internal draft documents in which it recommends fracking to the media.

The Energy, Mines and Resources Department says it was sending a presentation and speech to other departments for review when the email was mistakenly forwarded to a local reporter.

It includes recommendations to focus on fracking and oil and gas basins in the territory and has since been publicly released.

The documents outline a government response including a public information campaign and an economic study.

The government says the recommendations do not advise a decision to either allow or disallow fracking and noted that there are no current proposals for shale and gas development.

The documents were drafted for a presentation to Parliament later this month in response to a select committee's report on fracking in the Yukon.