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CBC Town Hall: Toronto 2025

CBC Town Hall: Toronto 2025 
Tuesday, March 31, 7:30pm - 9:00pm
CBC Toronto Atrium, 250 Front St West

What will our city look like in 10 years?

With a surging population, developers can't build fast enough. Aging infrastructure, limited transit lines, and physical space are all obstacles as we expand.

In this public discussion, CBC News Toronto hosts Anne-Marie Mediwake and Dwight Drummond tackle the issues with our panel of experts:

Rahul Bhardwaj, Toronto Foundation
Rahul is the President and CEO of Toronto Foundation. Every year the Foundation releases a report - Toronto Vital Signs. It's a snapshot of the issues and trends affecting the quality of our life in the GTA. It tackles everything from personal safety, to employment, the gap between rich and poor to housing, and environment to transit. The report identifies the progress we've made - and should be proud of - and the challenges we need to address.​

Ratna Omidvar, Global Diversity Exchange
Ratna is the Executive Director of the Global Diversity Exchange at Ryerson University. Housed at the Ted Rogers School of Management, the exchange is a centre for social innovation around migration, integration, and diversity issues, focusing on the inclusion of immigrants and racialized minorities. Ratna has received the Order of Canada for her work on diversity, immigration and inequality.

Paul Bedford, Former City of Toronto Chief Planner

Paul is currently an adjunct professor at the University of Toronto in planning, and an Urban Mentor. He is the FORMER Chief Planner for the City of Toronto - and has more than 40 years of experience in urban planning and city building. He's also served on the Metrolinx Board of Directors, the Waterfront Toronto Urban Design Review Panel, and as the vice-chair of the Transit Investment Strategy Advisory panel for the Premier.

Isaac Olowolafe, Dream Maker Corporation
Isaac is the co-founder of Dream Maker Corporation - a Toronto-based brokerage, real estate firm, and development company. The company's mission is to "turn everyone's dream of owning into reality." Isaac also founded the non-profit "Build Your Wealth" with the goal of transforming 100-thousand lives in low-income communities. Dream Maker has currently launched the FIRST major mixed-use development site located directly across from Yorkdale Mall.

Join us for this fascinating and free event. 

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