03/19/2015 08:30 EDT | Updated 05/19/2015 05:59 EDT

Does Carey Price have the Hart?

Is Carey Price the best player in the NHL this season?

CBC Daybreak sports columnist Andie Bennett says that's the wrong questions to ask.

"He doesn't have to be the best player in the league — he has to be the most valuable player to his team to win the Hart Trophy." Bennett says.

"Do you think the Canadiens would be leading the Atlantic Division with out Carey Price right now?"

Therrien's system takes heat

The Montreal Canadiens are in first place, but CBC News Montreal sports journalist Doug Gelevan wonders why there is so much criticism directed at head coach Michel Therrien.

"You'd think everyone in town would be happy about that, but there seems to this negativity swirling around the team," Gelevan says. 

"There are a lot of 'coaches' sitting at home, unpaid NHL coaches, they are very vocal and they they like to question Michel Therrien's every move. But regardless of what they say, he has them playing the kind of hockey that has them on top of the Atlantic division," Bennett says.

President's trophy isn't the goal

With 11 games to play in the season, the Habs are within striking distance of winning the President's trophy, an award for the NHL team with the best regular season record.

"The real thing that the players care about is of course the Stanley Cup," Bennett says. "I don't think it means much to these guys."

"I don't see a day where the team would raise the President's trophy banner into the rafters at the Bell Centre," Gelevan says.