03/19/2015 05:30 EDT | Updated 05/19/2015 05:59 EDT

Proposed changes to Quebec’s tax system to be released today

A highly-anticipated review into Quebec’s tax system will be released today, only a week before Finance Minister Carlos Leitão tables his budget.

Leitão, who asked tax expert Luc Godbout to lead the review, hopes it will give the government ideas that will help it balance the books and decrease Quebecers’ “fiscal burden” — referring to the amount of taxes people pay.

Many people wonder what Godbout, the head of Université de Sherbrooke's taxation department, will say about the sales tax and whether he will recommend increasing or decreasing it.

Leitão says he will consider Godbout’s suggestions.

“I’m not ruling anything in or out.”

Leitão adds that his main motivation is reducing personal incomes tax and that increasing sales tax is one of many ways to finance that.

“I'm open to reducing personal income tax which is the most damageable inefficient way for a government to raise revenue,” he says.

The 600-page report could include measures that may be in next week’s budget, but the Finance Minister says he wants to consult with opposition parties and other stakeholders.

Leitão says Godbout’s report contains 71 recommendations on improving taxation in Quebec.