03/23/2015 10:15 EDT | Updated 05/23/2015 05:59 EDT

Road rage video in Fredericton creates Facebook stir

A Fredericton, N.B., man has apologized after a video of him in a road rage incident was shared widely on Facebook Sunday evening.

The road rage incident was captured on cellphone video by Iain MacDonald's son and posted to MacDonald's Facebook page Sunday.

It had been viewed more than 372,000 times by early Monday afternoon.

MacDonald was driving on Priestman Street with his children when the angry driver approached their car after stopping in front of it. He then launched a tirade at MacDonald for cutting him off, which MacDonald denies doing.

"I pulled out with lots of room," said MacDonald. "I didn't cut this guy off or provoke him in any way."

MacDonald, who works at the CBC as a broadcast technologist, says several other people have contacted him to say they experienced similar incidents with a person who they believe was the same driver.

He said he has been contacted by the Fredericton Police and the RCMP.

MacDonald said the other driver contacted him Sunday night by telephone and said he was "very sorry for what he had done."

"He stated on the phone that we will never do this again and that he is voluntarily seeking counselling for his anger issues," he said.

MacDonald said he has received "lots of outpouring of support for doing the right thing."