03/26/2015 09:50 EDT | Updated 05/26/2015 05:59 EDT

Drug trial of Alexander Lisi, Rob Ford's former driver, continues

A Toronto police officer admitted in court Thursday that he'd never been part of a similar drug investigation involving the use of aerial surveillance prior to the one that led to the arrest of Alexander (Sandro) Lisi and Jamshid Bahrami.

Lisi and Bahrami were arrested in October 2013. Both the accused have pleaded not guilty to drug-related charges at a trial that began earlier this week.

On Thursday, the cross-examination of Det. Ross Fernandes began.

Fernandes is a former undercover officer who befriended Bahrami in a bid to buy drugs during the investigation.

Bahrami's lawyer began asking Fernandes about his prior experience in drug investigations.

Fernandes was asked how many prior investigations he had taken part in that involved the use of aerial surveillance. He said there were none that he was aware of.

The detective was also asked how many prior drug busts he'd worked in which so-called pole cameras were employed. Again he said there were none that he was aware of.

The trial and the detective's cross-examination will continue on Thursday afternoon.

Police charged Lisi and Bahrami in October 2013 as they investigated a video showing Ford apparently smoking crack cocaine.

Lisi and Bahrami face charges of trafficking in marijuana under 3 kg and possessiopn of the proceeds of crime (under $5,000).