04/02/2015 01:29 EDT | Updated 06/01/2015 05:59 EDT

Daniel Paul arrested in connection with girlfriend's homicide

The family of a murdered woman says her boyfriend Daniel Paul was arrested by Vancouver Police on Wednesday. 

The body of Rose Paul, a mother of five, was found March 3 in the basement suite of a home on East 22nd Avenue in Vancouver. Now her sister, Candace Paul, says she got a call from police saying he was arrested by two female police officers a month later. 

"He was tried denying who he was and they'll be busy with him for hours tonight," Candace told CBC News. 

"I can breathe now. It's been so emotional and scary. Every day has been emotional. Just memories of my sister everywhere. We don't have to be in fear anymore." 

Vancouver police had offered a $10,000 for information on Daniel Paul's whereabouts in mid-March. They said Daniel Paul has a history of committing violent offences against women and it was possible that people who know him are helping him.

Daniel Paul was arrested after two officers spotted him riding his bike downtown. When confronted, he initially denied who he was, allegedly, but was arrested without incident.

Rose's uncle, Howard Paul, added "I'm extremely happy that they finally caught him after a month on the run." 

'Rosie' — as she was known to family — was raising five girls aged eight to 19. She was described as beautiful, outgoing and loving.

"She helped all the young girls with the struggles of life," Candace Paul said.