04/08/2015 04:37 EDT | Updated 06/08/2015 05:59 EDT

Blue Jays, MLB teams have 'heightened security policy' in place

Blue Jays fans are being advised to leave extra time to get to their seats at the sold-out home opener, as tighter security is implemented at the Rogers Centre.

The team issued a news release on Wednesday advising that Major League Baseball has brought "a heightened security policy" into effect for all of its teams this season.

Fans must now pass through metal detectors or walk-through magnetometers in order to enter the ballpark.

Given that Monday's home opener is sold out, the Blue Jays are telling fans to be at the Rogers Centre early.

The team says that fans should remove their cellphones, keys and other metal objects from their pockets before passing through detectors. It is also suggested that ballpark patrons show their tablets and recording devices to staff for "manual inspections," the news release says.

Heading into Wednesday night's game, the Blue Jays were undefeated — as they won their first and only game to date of the 2015 season in New York on Monday.