04/08/2015 09:40 EDT | Updated 06/08/2015 05:59 EDT

Patio furniture theft by apparent elderly woman caught on security video

Members of a Vernon, B.C., family say they were shocked to see home security camera footage of what appears to be an elderly woman taking off with some of their patio furniture.

They family has posted a copy of the surveillance video on Facebook in the hopes of identifying the woman. 

"I think she knew what she was doing. Just the way that she was creeping up on the porch there. Before she even took the table, she tried to peer into my window," said Mike Malinosky.

The video shows the apparent elderly woman sneaking onto Malinosky's porch and walking off with a small table after looking around to see if anyone is watching.

Malinosky's wife, Andrea, was shocked when she saw the alleged thief caught on video..

"I just couldn't say anything. He had to play it for me again. I said, 'You've got to be kidding,'" she said. 

"I don't recognize her at all. And the video is so clear. You can see every expression. You can clearly see her face." 

After the couple posted the video, several neighbours came forward to say they too are missing items from their properties.

The couple reported the incident to the RCMP, which is investigating, said spokesman Gord Molendyk.

"It is a criminal investigation. And yeah, it's theft."

The Malinoskys are not sure if they want the woman charged, but they do want to know more about her circumstances and state of mind.