Organ donation made easier through Service BC centres

04/14/2015 11:46 EDT | Updated 06/23/2015 10:59 EDT
More than 95 per cent of B.C. residents support organ donation according to the B.C. government, but only about 20 per cent have registered. As a result, it says there are 465 people currently on transplant waiting lists.

On Tuesday, the government announced the introduction of a program in partnership with Service BC, it says will make it easier for people wanting to to register.

Service BC centres allow access to a wide range of government services including registering births, marriages or conducting a title search.

A decal on a driver's licence alone is no longer enough to qualify as a donor. Those wishing to donate have to register online at through the BC Transplant Society using a BC Services Card or CareCard.

​Service BC centres will now provide organ donation information and assistance for those wishing to register in addition to these other services.

The government says a pilot project held last year at four Service BC offices in Dawson Creek, Quesnel, Port Alberni and Salmon Arm showed a four-fold increase in organ donor registrations.

The program has now been expanded to all 61 BC Service locations.

Quick facts

- 65 British Columbians are currently waiting for a life-saving transplant.

- Just over 350 of the people on the list are waiting for a kidney.

- A single donor can save up to eight lives.

- Age doesn't matter. Canada's oldest organ donor on record was 93.