04/16/2015 03:45 EDT | Updated 06/30/2015 07:59 EDT

'Charity' stripteases to be allowed, Saskatchewan government says

Striptease shows in bars are once again banned in Saskatchewan, although a little bit of stripping for charity will be allowed, the province says.

On Thursday, the province said changes to regulations to ensure exotic dancing and alcohol don't mix are now in effect.

The government legalized stripping in licensed establishments last year, but a few weeks ago Premier Brad Wall said he had changed his mind and would reverse the change.

The changes come with an asterisk — stripteases for charity or fundraisers at places that serve alcohol will still be allowed in special event venues like theatres and concert halls, but only once a year. 

As was the case before, full frontal nudity is not allowed, meaning dancers will have to use things like pasties and g-strings.