04/16/2015 02:06 EDT | Updated 06/30/2015 07:59 EDT

Costco customers take a gander at goose

Move over Ikea monkey — Regina has the Costco goose, or more precisely, geese.

This is the second year a female goose has decided to nest at the store on the east end of the city. This year, it has settled down close to the Costco auto servicing area.

Staff told CBC News there's a second goose, a male, but it tends to wander around the parking lot and wasn't visible on Thursday.

Canada geese mate for life, and biologist Jared Clarke explained it is the female's job to sit on the eggs, while the male guards the nest.

Staff have dubbed the two Kirk (after Kirkland products) and Loosey (as in Goosey). Some water and food has been left out for the birds.

A wildlife group has been contacted, but says it won't move the birds out of fear it would harm the eggs.

Wascana Creek is about four kilometres away from the nest, but there are some smaller ponds close by.