04/16/2015 07:02 EDT | Updated 06/27/2015 07:59 EDT

Hydro One selloff, booze in grocery stores to be examined in report

Ontario's Liberal government will unveil a new report this morning on how the province can squeeze more money out of big Crown assets such as the LCBO and Hydro One. 

The report, from the government's handpicked panel of experts, is slated to offer information for this year's budget, which will be released on April 23. 

It's expected the report will call for changes to the way alcohol is sold in the province. 

Premier Kathleen Wynne says changing how the foreign-owned Beer Store operates is an "entry point to levelling the playing field."

She says changes are also needed to create more convenience and fairness, especially for Ontario's craft brewers.

Wynne wants to see more access to Ontario's craft brewers, who feel the Beer Store makes it difficult and expensive to list their products in its outlets.

The report's authors — a panel headed by former TD Bank CEO Ed Clark —  also looks at the possible sale of Crown corporations such as Hydro One and the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO). A report in Thursday's Toronto Star says the province intends to sell off 60 per cent of Hydro One.

The government has promised to put proceeds from any sale of Hydro One into building projects, such as new public transit.

In an interim report, Clark rejected a sale of the LCBO, but proposed major changes to the retail system to give consumers more access, especially to beer.