04/19/2015 11:30 EDT | Updated 07/08/2015 02:59 EDT

Durham public-sector high-school teachers on strike on Monday

The thousands of teenagers who attend public high schools in Durham Region won't be in classes on Monday, as Durham District School Board secondary teachers hit the picket lines.

The local union gave notice Saturday that its full-time and occasional secondary teachers will be on strike as of Monday, which means the board's secondary schools are closed as a result.

All classes are cancelled as of Monday, all buses are cancelled and all extracurricular activities are cancelled.

Durham parents are advised to follow strike updates on the school board website or on its Twitter feed.

Michael Barrett, the chair of the Durham District School Board, told CBC News that talks between the board and the local union "broke down" over the weekend.

Barrett said that for now, the goal will be to get talks started back up with the teachers' union.

"We'll continue to work forward looking for compromise and hoping to be able to get both parties back to the table," he said in a telephone interview on Sunday.

"Without dialogue, we're not going to be able to solve this and make sure we keep focused on our students."

Dave Barrowclough, the local union president, said Sunday that the teachers want to be back negotiating, but that can only happen when the other side is willing to negotiate.

"What we need is a bargaining partner. If we had that, we would be quite happy to come back to the table and sit down and barging this through," he said in a telephone interview.