04/21/2015 09:07 EDT | Updated 07/12/2015 05:59 EDT

Students camp in front of CEGEP de Saint-Laurent

Protesters are camping out on the front lawn of Montreal's CEGEP du Saint-Laurent, as part of a wider student movement against the Couillard government's cost-cutting measures. 

​Students set up close to 40 tents overnight. 

Participants said each of them has their own, personal reasons for taking part in the campout. The group has no official spokesperson and no collective demands.

"We are trying to show that there are other ways to live, aside from conventional manners," said Duncan Viktor Salvin, a student at CEGEP de Saint-Laurent.

Salvin said he's against police intervention at educational institutions, referring to an incident two weeks ago when police were called to UQAM after students barricaded themselves inside a school building.

The administration at CEGEP de Saint-Laurent is tolerating the encampment, for now. Students and members of the administration met yesterday and are expected to meet again today.