04/22/2015 02:01 EDT | Updated 07/16/2015 05:59 EDT

100 Men Who Care launches in Kamloops

A Thompson Rivers University professor is trying to gather up enough men to start a 100 Men Who Care group in Kamloops, B.C.

There are currently, in Canada and the U.S., a significant number of 100 Women Who Care chapters — a movement that sees groups of women meeting four times a year and each donating $100 per meeting to a selected non-profit organization.  

There appears to be fewer 100 Men Who Care chapters, but one does exist in Vancouver, and there are several others across Canada. Now TRU chemistry professor Norm Reid wants to start one in Kamloops. 

"It's very quick — it appeals to people who would like to contribute something, or feel they need to be contributing more to their community, but don't have the time to do active fundraising," Reid told Daybreak Kamloops.

"So they're contributing that $100 a meeting, they're not going out and having to do all kinds of canvassing or raise money that way."

Reid says this type of fundraising also makes things easier for the non-profit organizations that get selected to receive the money. At each meeting, three nominated charities only need to briefly present on why they deserve the donation before the group members vote.

"For the successful organizations that get funded, there's no paperwork involved, they're not spending months applying for money they may not get," said Reid.

Reid says he doesn't expect to hit the 100-people mark by the first meeting in April 27, but he's aiming to get at least 50 people involved.

To hear the full interview with Norm Reid, listen to the audio labelled: TRU professor starts 100 Men Who Care chapter in Kamloops