04/23/2015 08:01 EDT | Updated 07/21/2015 09:59 EDT

B.C. scuba video highlights province's best diving locations

British Columbia's diving community has just released a slick new video showcasing the province's beautiful waters in the hopes of attracting local residents and tourists to the sport.

"We wanted to produce a piece that was going to stand out from everything else and not just hand someone a brochure and send them on their way," said Bill Coltart, president of the Dive Industry Association of British Columbia. 

The video was released this week and Coltart says he's already received calls from people as far away as Europe asking how to book trips.

"Give people an excuse to come here instead of jump on a plane and head south," said Coltart.

Coltart says the video conveys the diverse diving opportunities throughout the province.

"I think people often are a bit misled or confused when it comes to what scuba diving opportunities are in this province and what the marine life is like," said Coltart. "B.C. has a rich maritime industry so there are lots of shipwrecks that present unique diving opportunities"

"There is certainly dive tourism based all around the province, not just the Lower mainland and Vancouver island. It's a popular activity no matter where you go."

To hear the full interview with Bill Cotart, listen to the audio labelled Dive BC

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