04/26/2015 01:44 EDT | Updated 07/27/2015 02:59 EDT

#NHLPlayoffs: Flames take 12 steps to defeat Canucks

Saturday night's Game 6 escalated quickly in Vancouver's favour. In the end, the Flames truly embodied the mantra NEVER QUIT.

Here are the 12 steps they took to win in Game 6.

1. Participate and win the CBC retweet competition

2. Make sure the C of Red includes hockey greats

3. Let the other team get comfortable

4. Insure fans keep calm, while the opposition gets excited

5. Tie the game

6. Scoff at the opposition's premature celebration

7. Allow the opposition to think they have a chance to win

8. Now allow fans to get excited

9. Score 3 goals and win the game

10. Have Waldo as a fan

11. Allow the opposition to beat themselves up

12. And the final step, Never Quit