04/29/2015 09:22 EDT | Updated 08/04/2015 04:59 EDT

Nepal earthquake: C-17 transport plane arrives in Kathmandu

A Canadian military plane carrying personnel and supplies has landed in Kathmandu to help earthquake-ravaged Nepal. 

The Canadian Joint Operations Command said on Twitter that 31 Armed Forces members had arrived.

The C-17 transport plane carrying personnel and supplies will fly 96 Canadians to New Delhi once it's ready to leave, CBC correspondent Sasa Petricic said.

Petricic, reporting from just outside the plane, said passengers will then have to find their own way home from India.

A second C-17 has left Canada carrying more equipment and people and is expected to be in Nepal on Thursday.

"The group that's come in is really a preliminary group," Petricic said. "It's going to take a look at what other things might be needed. It's got a very small toolkit with it right now. It's got an ambulance, it's got a small clinic and some other things. The bigger things will be coming in later."

Canada's contingent is expected to head north of Kathmandu, with its first task to clear the landslides blocking the roads to smaller communities.

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