04/30/2015 10:37 EDT | Updated 08/09/2015 07:59 EDT

DOXA Documentary Film Festival showcases extraordinary films from around the world

The 14th Annual DOXA Documentary Film Festival returns to Vancouver this week showcasing some of the most extraordinary films from around the world.

Here's On the Coast's recommendations of what you should check out during the 11 day festival.

How to Change the World

DOXA's opening night film, How to Change the World focuses on the early beginnings of Greenpeace.  

The film follows the group's decision to protest U.S. nuclear tests on Amchitka Island in the Arctic and their subsequent campaign to save the whales. The documentary features archival footage and deeply intimate interviews with the organization's key figures.

When: April 30 and May 2

Get the F@*$ out

Drawing on last summer's #Gamergate controversy, Director Shannon Sun-Higginson's new film delves into the harassment women face in the world of video gaming.

The documentary examines how people bully female gamers online while hiding behind keyboards and screen names. 

When: May 8 and 9

Cincinnati Goddamn

The documentary tells the deaths of Roger Owensby, Jr and Timothy Thomas, two black men killed by police in un-related incidents, and the protests that erupted following their death. 

"I like to say the film chose me," said filmmaker April Martin, who was working as a production assistant at a local TV news station in Cincinnati when the riots erupted in 2001. "I just did not like how my colleagues at the news station were portraying it." 

When: May 3

Sugar Coated

This documentary examines how sugar has become a fixture in our daily lives and why it may be sweetly killing us. Director Michèle Hozer's exposé follows how public relations campaigns crafted by tobacco companies help advance the big sugar agenda.  

When: May 4 and 5


As a tribute to the legendary documentary filmmaker Albert Maysles, DOXA will play his final film on closing night. 'Iris' is about the life of Iris Apfel, the founder of Old World Weavers, a company that reproduces fabric designs from the 17th through to the 19th century.

The film follows Apfel through New York's flea markets, thrift stores and parties, showcasing her eclectic lifestyle with her 100-year old husband. 

When: May 10