05/01/2015 10:00 EDT | Updated 05/01/2016 05:12 EDT

Noisy rocking chair gets Saguenay woman, 91, a $148 ticket

Police in Saguenay, Que., say they are reviewing their response after officers gave a $148 ticket to a 91-year-old woman for making too much noise — including with her rocking chair.

Police ticketed the woman after a neighbour complained on April 17 about being irritated by the sound of her chair and the volume on her TV.

Saguenay lawyer Charles Cantin says he's trying to find a way to have the ticket cancelled.

He called the way the police handled the situation "embarrassing," and alleged officers unnecessarily intimidated his client. 

"I don't think it's a good way to settle that matter," Cantin said.

Bruno Cormier of Saguenay police says the man who complained insisted that the officers do something.

Cormier says the police force is analysing the situation to see if a warning to the woman may have been more appropriate.