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25 Photos That Prove George Clooney Has The Best Hair In Hollywood

Happy Birthday, George Clooney!

The Hollywood heartthrob turns 54 on May 6, and we want to celebrate.

Now, we know the actor has pretty great (and very suave) style, but we're a little more mesmerized by his glorious hair. From his early "E.R." mullet days, to his perfect silver strands of today, Clooney has always been at the top of his hair game. (Maybe that's the real reason he was a bachelor for so long -- no one but Amal could match his hair prowess.)

Just have a look at the photos below and you'll see just how wonderful his locks are. Whether long or short, black or grey, it's always perfect.

  • Just Look At That Flow!
    NBC via Getty Images
  • And That Single Tendril!
    NBC via Getty Images
  • There's So Much Volume!
    Paul Popper/Popperfoto via Getty Images
  • And Look How Nicely It Shines In The Sun
    Michael Ochs Archives via Getty Images
    Michael Ochs Archives via Getty Images
  • We Can't Even Deal
    NBC via Getty Images
  • How Did He Get His Curls So Luscious Looking?
    Ron Galella via Getty Images
  • Centre-Parted Perfection
    ABC Photo Archives via Getty Images
  • Yes. Just, Yes.
    Jim Smeal via Getty Images
  • We'd Kill To Run Our Fingers Through It
    ABC Photo Archives via Getty Images
  • Prime Manbun Hair
    Vinnie Zuffante via Getty Images
    Can you just imagine!?
  • Slick Hair, Don't Care
    Harry Langdon via Getty Images
  • A Little Bit Shorter, Just As Stylish
    Jim Smeal via Getty Images
  • It's So Shiny!
    S. Granitz via Getty Images
    And looks extremely soft.
  • SWOON.
    Steve.Granitz via Getty Images
  • His Hair Looks Sexy Pushed Back
    Jeff Kravitz via Getty Images
  • Or Off To The Side
    Ron Galella, Ltd. via Getty Images
  • Or Even Super Short
    Jim Smeal via Getty Images
    Especially when he's got scruff to match.
  • A Little Bit Rugged
    Jim Smeal via Getty Images
  • The Most Perfect Classic Cut
    Amy Graves via Getty Images
    He's got it down pat.
  • It Has Its Own Halo!
    J. Vespa via Getty Images
    Maybe this is what Beyonce meant when she sang, "I can see your halo."
  • What We Wouldn't Give To Be That Hand
    Fotos International via Getty Images
  • A Little Bit Spiky
    Venturelli via Getty Images
  • Cropped And Handsome
    Gregg DeGuire via Getty Images
  • Salt And Pepper Perfection
    Chris Jackson via Getty Images

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