05/06/2015 06:44 EDT | Updated 05/06/2016 05:59 EDT

New Ford F350 goes through ice on Pontoon Lake near Yellowknife

People driving on the Ingraham trail about 30 km outside of Yellowknife might be surprised to see a massive hole in the ice on Pontoon Lake, made by a F350 truck that went through on Tuesday night. 

The man driving the vehicle was able to escape unharmed and he walked to a nearby house.

Homeowner Francois Rossouw said he didn't catch the man's name, but said he calmly explained what had happened. He said the truck was new.

Rossouw said he was curious and rode his bike out on the ice to check.

"Some of the candled ice was blocking my view, so I pulled some of the ice out," he said.

"I laid down and looked into the hole and I could see the truck perfectly."

He said the truck is resting on the lake floor about 4.5 metres underwater. He couldn't see any fuel leaking out of the engine or fuel tank.

There is no word yet of plans to retrieve the truck.