05/07/2015 08:01 EDT | Updated 05/07/2016 05:59 EDT

Dogs allegedly shot by neighbour while witness begs him to stop

A B.C. woman claims her two dogs were shot by a neighbour while a witness begged him to stop. 

Jen Bryant alleges in a Facebook post that her two Labs strayed into a neighbour's yard in Elkford, B.C. on May 1. Bryant says the two dogs had killed the Kootenay man's chickens, and that's when she says the man took matters into his own hands. 

According to Bryant, the man rounded up the two dogs, drove them into the countryside and shot them. Bryant claims the ordeal was witnessed by one of her friends who was concerned and followed the neighbour.

"[He] picked up our beloved fur babies and rather then call us he proceeded to drive out of town to shoot them," she wrote in a Facebook post.

"He shot my dogs in the face while they sat pretty wagging their tails, having no idea what was going on."

SPCA spokesperson Lori Chortyk says the case sounds shocking, and if the facts are as alleged it will recommend charges. It has sent a special constable to Elkford to investigate the alleged shooting.

"Our understanding in this case is that it involves two dogs that were allegedly taking chickens. But regardless, that kind of violence to animals is against the law and if the evidence is there we will recommend charges under the Criminal Code or the Cruelty to Animals Act," she said. 

The RCMP has also confirmed it has investigated the incident.

The alleged shooter could not be reached for comment.